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Gold Coast Getaway

Beautiful beaches and sunny everyday who wouldn’t want to visit the Gold Coast or more specifically Surfers Paradise! The Gold Coast is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia, so of course I had to go to see what all the fuss was about! The Gold Coast is only an hours flight North of Newcastle and luckily enough for us we have a friend with an apartment in Surfers Paradise who let us stay for a weekend free of charge. The first thing we did once arriving on the Gold Coast was find the apartment and get rid of our bags before going out to explore.

6Patrick and I went to the beach and stuck our toes in the sand before we walking up the boardwalk. We wandering the shops and taking in the ocean views. We decided to hit the streets to do some shopping on Cavill Lane and look for something to eat, but instead of eating we found ourselves in the middle of a very big TimeZone (arcade) and decided to play a few games. Eventually we got hungry enough to stop with all the fun we went in search of a decent meal. We ended up going to the Helm Bar/Bistro and enjoyed sipping on a few drinks while listening to some live music. After eating we started to wander back to the apartment, but ended up doing some more shopping on Cavill Lane and I had to get a picture in front of the Surfer’s Paradise sign.


Cavill Lane


One of the reasons why the Gold Coast is the most popular holiday destination in Australia is because there are THREE theme parks about 20 minutes outside the city (Dream World, Movie World & Sea World). I wasn’t in the mood to go on rides so we opted to visit Sea World. I had only been to Sea World once before in the USA, but I was so young I don’t remember it. Excited to visit Sea World we hopped on a bus that would drive us the the park.74

Patrick and I had done a little bit of research the night before and decided that we wanted to do the tropical reef snorkel with all the different types of fish and rays. What I didn’t realize until I we got there was that there were also several sharks swimming around too…. Minor panic attack at the sight of this, but I powered on and decided to put on the wet suit. We collected our snorkeling gear and had brief instruction with the staff and then we were off! I was needless to say not the first one to take off into the water, but once I got in and started looking around it was amazing! The fish were all beautiful, full of vibrant colors and patterns.The manta rays were massive and seemed to just glide effortlessly through the water.61




103We finished snorkeling and set out to see the rest of the animals in the park. We managed to catch the seal show and the dolphin show before deciding to head back to the apartment. Obviously hungry after the days excursion we set out again to something for dinner. We ended up eating at Vapiano, an Italian restaurant located in Cavill Mall. The restaurant was really cool because as you walk in you see the chefs making all the different types of pasta that you are about to eat! They even have several different types of herbs on the table that you can pluck off a few leaves and put them right into your meal.70Finishing our delicious pasta we started to walk back to our apartment via the boardwalk and stumbled upon the Beachfront night markets! I was able to pick a few little things from the markets to remind me of our time on the Gold Coast before heading back to Newcastle tomorrow. After a good nights sleep, we packed our bags up and headed off in search of breakfast before our flight. We decided on a cafe right on the boardwalk allowing perfect views of the incoming waves as we drank our coffee. I loved visiting the Gold Coast and can’t wait to go back and visit again.





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