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Whale Watching in Nelson Bay

Today is the first day of Spring in Newcastle, but I thought I’d throwback to one of my favorite things to do in winter. Whale Watching!! Posting up at the beach to look for whales migrating North in the winter is a pretty cool thing that I think some people around Newcastle take for granted. Not everyone in the world can go to their local beach and look for whales breaching just offshore.

If you would to get a bit closer to the whales than just sitting on the beach then you should take a trip an hour North of Newcastle and visit Nelson Bay. Nelson Bay has several whale watching tours (cruises) in the winter and it is amazing how close you actually get to the whales.

Patrick and I went whale watching with Moonshadow Cruises in 2013 and to me it was one of the coolest experiences. Seeing whales up close and realizing how big they actually are whilst they are breaching right in front of you was definitely one in a lifetime for me.


Aboard our lovely vessel headed out to sea!


A whale spraying up mist


Everyone on the boat wants to see a whale and is constantly moving back and forth to each side of the boat. Patrick and I just stayed on one side and waiting and got up close and personal with this beauty whilst everyone else was on the other side of the boat!


I wasn’t fast enough on my camera, but she stuck her head all the way out of the water and looked us straight in the face! Was very surreal !

16538_10151838805572577_551848044_n 1005295_10151838806172577_155892038_n



Don’t mind my messy hair it was unbelievably windy out.


Goodbye whales! See you next year!


Headed back into shore.



Hope you enjoyed!






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