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10 Things to do in Newcastle

I live in the awesome city of Newcastle and there are so many things to see here that I thought I just had to share and make a list. So if you are visiting Newcastle anytime soon here are 10 things you should do and see when visiting  Newcastle.

1. Nobbys Beach 


Newcastle has several beautiful beaches you can go too, but my favorite is Nobbys Beach. I like Nobbys because its very spacious, has amenities (cafe, toilets and showers), and it’s a good beach to bring the family too. Compared to the other beaches in Newcastle the waves at Nobbys are a bit smaller and they break closer to shore which is a plus for me.

 2. Nobbys Breakwall


The breakwall is located right next to Nobbys Beach all you have to do is follow the footpath. The breakwall is approximately 1.5km from the carpark and a great activity to do on a sunny day whether you are walking, running, cycling or even skateboarding.

3. Fort Scratchley


Fort Scratchley was built in 1892 to defend the city of Newcastle in case of a possible attack. Today the historic site is accessible to the public for free but if you would like to tour the underground tunnels it will cost approximately $12.50. I love walking to the top of Fort Scratchley as it has one of the best views in Newcastle.

4. Honeysuckle


Honeysuckle is a harbour front promenade lined with restaurants and cafes. It is a great place to for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can sit and watch the big coal ships be towed in and out of the harbour whilst sipping on a coffee. There are several restaurants/ bars so its a great place to have a cheeky cocktail or two!

5. Darby Street

Darby Street I believe is the heart of Newcastle. You will find cafes, unique shops, restaurants and a hot spot for nightlife all on this one street. You will usually find Darby street packed with people anytime of day either going to their favorite cafes, shopping or dressed up for a night out at the 5 Sawyers or the Dell.

5.  Anzac Memorial Walk


If you like exercise and great views Anzac walk is for you (and if you don’t like exercise then you can always park at the top)! The Anzac walk is a memorial bridge walk that was just recently built in 2015. The Anzac walk has amazing views of the whole of Newcastle! You can not only see Cliff to Merewether beach, but you can also see Newcastle habour and downtown Newcastle.

6. King Edward Park


If you are interested in a quiet afternoon with a picnic lunch you must visit King Edward Park. There is ample green space to lay down a blanket as well as a big rotunda if you do catch some unfortunate weather. The park also includes the picturesque Garside Gardens, a kids playground, Amphitheatre and Anne Feneley lookout where you might be lucky enough to spot a whale! The park is also home to the popular Bogey Hole. If you don’t have time for a picnic I recommend you drive through the park and take in the views of the ocean from the cliffs.

7. Bogey Hole


The Bogey Hole is a heritage listed man made sea bath which is located in King Edward Park. It is a unique swimming experience and lots of fun! I have been to the Bogey Hole a few times and it was always fun waiting for the waves to crash in.

8. Hunter Street Mall

One of my other favorite spots is Hunter Street Mall, located in downtown Newcastle. This one way street has several fun quirky shops and cool cafes. I love people watching when I’m getting breakfast at Ground Floor or a coffee from One Penny Black and if your up for shopping you should pop into Studio Melt for handmade jewelry and home wares or  NookStore and check out some of the latest designs of the Newcastle brand OneUndone.

9. Hunt and Gather Markets


Everyone loves a going to the markets and seeing goodies are being sold! The Hunt and Gather Markets are located in Newcastle East’s Pacific Park on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 9am – 2pm. The markets play host to many vendors selling everything from fresh bread and donuts to handmade jewelry and artwork. I love walking around the the Hunt and Gather Markets and seeing the wonderful things people have made.

10. Take a Day Trip to the Hunter Valley




The Hunter Valley is full of amazing wine, food and views! If you love exploring vineyards, have a love of wine then I definitely recommend going out and touring the Hunter Valley for an afternoon. You can choose to take a bus tour or drive yourself around, but you can’t go wrong when you exploring the amazing vineyards of the Hunter Valley. If your not sure where to start check out my post on the Hunter Valley.




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