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Caving in West Virgina

I never felt very adventurous when attending university, but during my final year I made the executive decision to go on one of the many exciting outdoor recreation trips. I decided to sign up for the caving expedition. I had never been caving before and with no indifference to small spaces I went for it.

I arrived outside the outdoor recreation office with my fellow cavers and we hopped in the van and drove off to the caves we were going to explore. The cave we were visiting was called Whitings Neck Cave in Martinsburg, WV. Our group consisted of  about 7-10 people and when we arrived our tour guides got us geared up for the caving experience.

P.S. Sorry in advance for the not so good photos. I was not about to loose my own camera in a cave so I kindly handed over the responsibility of photo taking to the guides.


The entrance to the cave was smaller than I expected to the point where I had to lie on my stomach in order to crawl through, but once we got past that opening it was quite big. Once we arrived inside the cave we were free to look around and explore in the main area. I didn’t realize caving would be so messy. I believe we all came out looking a bit muddy.



Our guides took us a bit farther into the cave and had us climb through what was called the “figure 8”. Climbing through the narrow passage was really cool and a bit of a challenge of how to best maneuver yourself through the small spaces.





Once we conquered the figure 8 we moved a bit far into the cave and our guides told us all to turn off our flashlights. When everyone turned off the lights the guides informed us that we were experiencing total darkness. Not often do you get to experience this above ground because somehow light is always able to slip in. Sitting in total darkness was an unforgettable experience and if you ever have the chance to experience it you definitely should!


I loved every bit of caving and I’m glad I tried something new, it was definitely something I won’t forget.



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