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A Day at Australia Zoo

A year ago I embarked on my first Australian road trip to Queensland and I was lucky enough to get to visit the Australia Zoo. As a child I was in love with all things Crocodile Hunter and Steve Irwin. I grew up hearing about Australia Zoo on the television never thinking that I would ever get to visit in real life. I was also equally devastated at the news of my favorite TV stars death, so when I had the opportunity to visit Australia Zoo I went for it.


Australia Zoo is located on the Sunshine Coast approximately 45 minutes north of Brisbane. The zoo a pretty big place and depending on that amount of time you have you can either utilize the tram or walk the entire park. We decided to take the tram to the farthest exhibit and walk our way back towards the front.

Our first exhibit was the giraffes and rhinos. The enclosures were big, but situated so that they were parallel with the footpath so that you didn’t just huddle around one spot to get a good view. You were able to walk down the path and see the animals from every angle, we even got to see a little baby giraffe!




We were lucky to have come just after the opening of the new Bindi’s Island exhibit. Bindi’s Island is On the island giant tortoises and lemurs roam free and there is a giant three story tree house you get to climb and look out over the park.




Next we went to admire the Tigers!



The most exciting part of the day was the crocodile show! After the tigers we headed to the Crocoseum which is the stadium where we would view the crocodile show. The crocs were HUGE!! Amazing animals and amazing zoo keepers they did a fantastic job with the show and it was definitely worth it.





After the show we headed off to feed the kangaroos and see the koalas. I never get tired of seeing these native Aussie animals I always find them so much fun.







We got lucky again with being able to see baby dingo pups! They were so cute!


One of the things that I didn’t expect, but was so amazing was how much Steve Irwin had been and is still a part of Australia Zoo. One of the unique things about Australia Zoo is all of the Steve Irwin memorabilia from his time working at the zoo. There are several walls stocked with photographs, newspaper articles, t-shirts, hats, hats, books and papers the list goes on and on. Not only is Australia Zoo a zoo it is also a museum of Steve Irwin’s life and looking over all those memories plastered on the walls, some I recognised from the TV show and others I didn’t, it definitely made me feel more connected to Australia Zoo.





I loved every minute of Australia Zoo and if you are ever in the area I definitely recommend going to see it.




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