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Blue Mountains: Katoomba, NSW

Hey Friends!

Since it’s Thursday I though I would do a throwback to one of trips I have taken this year. Over Christmas my visiting family, Patrick and myself took the train up to the Blue Mountains for a lovely day of exploring!

The train ride from Sydney to the small town of Katoomba (Blue Mountains) took about 2 hours. After departing the train we went and bought tickets for the hop on hop off Trolley & Scenic World. I would suggest buying tickets for one of these services if you, like us, take the train up to the Blue Mountains, otherwise you might be doing a lot of walking and not a lot of seeing. NOTE: If you are planning on going to scenic world there is the option to buy tickets for Scenic World when buying your hop on hop off tickets, DO THIS! It will save you from waiting in the very, very, very long line at Scenic World, plus you will get to waltz right in like a boss since you already have your tickets.

All I can say is AMAZING VIEWS!!! Unreal it was the most amazing thing I believe I have ever seen. So instead of me talking about it I will let you see for yourself! Check out the pics below!



Gordon Falls










Patrick enjoying the Luera Cascades


Echo Point


The Three Sisters



Katoomba Falls



Riding the cable car down to the bottom!



Made it to the bottom! Time to explore the Jamison Valley Floor!

I hope you enjoyed looking through the photos! I know there was a lot, but I feel that photos really inspire me when travelling, and I’d like to inspire others to travel through my photos. When I decide to travel someplace new I not only look up places to see, but I make sure I look up photos of where I’m going because you might overlook something in text that you might otherwise find amazing in a photo. Searching for pictures of the places I’m going to next get me even more excited about travelling and have even helped me find some hidden gems along the way.

So while these photos give you a glimpse of what I saw in the Blue Mountains, there are plenty more amazing things out still out there for you to see. 🙂



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