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Hiking Mt Tomaree!

Hello my lovely readers! This weekend Patrick and I decided to hike Mt Tomaree, located in Shoal Bay, NSW.  Shoal Bay is only an hours drive North up the coast from Newcastle, complete with one main street of hotels, cafes and tourist shops. I do love getting out of the city and taking in the calmer atmosphere of the smaller beach towns. So a drive up to Shoal Bay is just what I needed.

Mt Tomaree is located in Tomaree National Park, and it is a 2.2km return hike. This hiking trail is pretty easy, just be sure you are able to climb stairs since it is not a continuous flat surface all the way to the top. I was’t keeping time, but I estimate it took us about and hour to go up and come back down (this includes me stopping to take pictures and us enjoying the view at the top).


The trail consisted of two options, the first being you could hike to the summit and the second a smaller loop that seemed a bit more flat and didn’t require hiking any stairs.


The views of the ocean while climbing and at the top were amazing, and it didn’t hurt that we ended up having a perfect day weather wise for hiking. Patrick below climbing one of the many sets of stairs!


VIEWS!!! Oh the beauty of living in Australia is that the water is almost the most amazing blue green color! We are not yet at the top, but I couldn’t pass up taking a photo of Shoal Bay.


Looking back on Shoal Bay again




We made it to the top! Looking down on a calm Zenith Beach !






Hope you all enjoyed this short, but sweet post. If you are ever in the area of Nelson Bay make sure to take a detour to Shoal Bay and hike Mt Tomaree!



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