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Adventures in Charleston, South Carolina

The South. The place I call home. After a long night in Las Vegas we headed to the airport to catch our early morning flight to Maryland!! (Now I know some of you might say the Maryland is not the South… You are mistaken my friend!! The Mason Dixon line separates Pennsylvania and Maryland, so therefore it’s the South. I grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland. Where big farms equipment is a common occurrence on the highway, big trucks in the school parking lot, kids taking off school to go hunting, everyone wearing camo, and everyone even comes with a southern accent. It’s weird I know, but it’s how I grew up.

The flights back to the east coast took so long and were very annoying(didn’t get into Md till 9pm), but in the end we did get to eat chipotle in Philly and flew back to Maryland safely.

This is what greeted us upon arrival. My two sisters, Erin and Maddy, running through the airport sign in tow.


Before we came over for our four week holiday in the USA, my parent’s decided to move to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (which is basically Charleston), while we were visiting from Australia. Since they were moving Patrick and I had to help pack up the house, and therefore I did not get ANY photos in Easton, Md.


After nine days of packing up the house and saying goodbye to my childhood home Patrick and I made the 10 hour drive to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The first order of business was to hit the beach. After spending time in California and seeing snow I needed a healthy dose of vitamin D.

The local beach near my parents new place is called the Isle of Palms or IOP for the locals. We got lucky when we arrived, because we got to see the local aquarium releasing a sea turtle back into the wild.





Later in the week we went to Magnolia Plantation founded in 1676. We toured the old rice fields and the gardens surrounding the property.



Over the weekend we visited downtown Charleston, and it was so hot outside we only managed to stay there for 2 hours. I absolutely love downtown Charleston I love the history and how every single building has character. Patrick and I walked along the French quarter to look at the beautiful old houses.





Since our visit happened to fall during the 4th of July (one of my favorite holidays) I decided to get fully patriotic. After spending the day on the beach. We went to Patriot’s point to watch the fireworks.




My sister Erin and her boyfriend Nick.


Overall our four week holiday was a blast, it may have been tiring at times, but I would definitely road trip around again. Our flights back home got screwed up and we ended up staying one more night in SC, at the time I wasn’t happy, but getting to spend another night with the family was really nice. We flew back to Australia and were greeted by Patrick’s parents and a cold winters day. We stopped for breakfast on the Central Coast to meet up with Patrick’s brother and sister-in-law and our niece Pearl. I was happy to have a real coffee again after not drinking any for about a month, and a decent brekky didn’t go down to bad either.Court



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