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Exploring San Francisco

Hi Everyone!

I know it has been a long time since my last blog post, but that is only because I went on holidays back to the USA!! Patrick and I went travelling around America and visiting my family over the course of 4 weeks. The first stop on our itinerary was San Francisco!! Over the next few days I hope to post all about the places we visited on our trip.

I was quite excited to visit San Fran since it would be the first time I would actually get set foot outside an airport in California! YAY!  Considering I have been to California about 4 times already it was about damn time I got to go explore it. We arrived in San Fran on the 13th of June around 9am. We took the BART into the city and from there walked to our hotel. I have not only been in San Fran for 5 minutes and I am being heckled by a homeless man asking for money. I politely refused the man saying I had no change, which was absolutely true since I had not yet spent a single one of my crisp US dolla  bills. This homeless man then proceeded to tell Patrick and I that we did indeed have change since we obviously ate lunch recently (not true at all we were starving after riding on a 14 hour flight) and continued to berate us with far from appropriate language. After our verbal assault we took a much needed shower and jumped on the first bus to  Fisherman’s Wharf & Pier 39.


I liked Fisherman’s Wharf alot, Patrick is not a shopper, but I could have easily gone into every little shop there. I managed to get into a candy shop were I collected 2-3 pieces of almost every flavor of Saltwater Taffy, when someone advertises cookie dough or cupcake flavored taffy you do not say no. We even managed to get lucky at Pier 39 and were able to see the sea lions! Even luckier that there wasn’t a ridiculous amount of them because I heard they can smell pretty bad.

IMG_6167 We figured out after the first couple hours in San Fran  that the winter weather in Australia was still warmer than this “so called summer”. Anyways it still turned out to be a  beautiful day. We were able to see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.


Patrick and I decided that we would rent bikes and ride to the Golden Gate Bridge. There are several places around San Francisco that rent bikes, so overall it was pretty easy to get them and ride off. The people at the bike rental told us it was basically a flat bike ride to the bridge, but when we arrived at a gigantic 45 degree hill I had to jump off and push my bike up it in order to get to the top. It was a very cool ride out to the bridge, I would definitely recommend it, however if it is windy it may be a bit more difficult and not enjoyable, but the upside is you feel like your going really fast when your riding with the wind!


If you want you can ride up the path to the top in order to be level with the Golden Gate Bridge, but at this point we were a bit exhausted (and there was no way in hell I was pedaling up another hill) from pedaling with the wind in our faces and just decided to visit the Naval Fort at the base of the bridge.


The views from the fort were amazing, but be warned, when you get to the top of the fort it is very windy, it almost blew me away. We rode the bikes back to the city and after we returned them we decided to try and catch a trolley back towards our hotel. We spotted the  stop at the end of the trolley line and decided to wait in line to hop on. The only bad thing about the trolley was waiting in line…. We waited in line for an hour. The people running this trolley joint are not concerned with time at all. I could have gone got a coffee at starbucks sat down and drank it and came back and the line still would not have moved farther than 10 ft from where I was. Little did we know if we went up a block or two to another trolley stop then we could have hopped  on immediately for no charge (won’t be making that mistake again). Riding the trolley was a cool experience it didn’t disappoint.


We finished off the night by going to Cheesecake Factory ordering a glass of wine and a beer while overlooking Union Square.


On our second day in San Francisco we decided to get up early and go to Saucalito and Muir Woods. We booked a tour with one of the hop on hop off buses that you always see around the city. Our tour guide Ulrich drove like a mad man, but I still managed to take a few pictures before crossing the bridge, and then a few more after when we stopped after crossing.


We made it to Muir Woods in one piece and I was ready to see some big ass trees.


I really enjoyed hiking the paths and seeing all the huge trees in Muir Woods. It was a very peaceful place and I would go back in a heartbeat. I also went into the gift shop and picked up two “grow your own redwood tree” kits for my sisters. One of my sister’s is really into plants so I knew it would make her day. On our way out of Muir Woods our bus driver pointed out Muir Beach.


When we returned to the city I had two more items on my list of things to do and that was visit the crooked street and see the painted ladies (full house houses). We decided to walk there…. big mistake just catch a cab. The hills in San Fran are not for the weak. I was lucky enough to have been running every other day back home with a friend and we have been running up a huge hill at a steep incline. So going up the hill wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I was only able to see the crooked street because once we got there I realized the painted ladies were on the other side of the city and there was no way I as going to walk up those hills again.


I hope you enjoyed the photos from San Fran. I will post more about the next leg of our trip soon, which is our road trip from San Fran to Yosemite.






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    • No worries! Yes we did luck out with the weather I don’t think we saw any fog at all the entire time in San Francisco. It was a bit windy which made it feel chilly, but nothing a sweatshirt couldn’t fix.

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