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VISA GRANTED!! Life as a Temporary Resident

Hi Everyone!!

I know its been awhile since I last posted, but its only because I have been super busy with my new job! I am now coordinating three clinical trials and it is a very busy time. I will say that we had some good news come in the form of a generic email from Australian immigration! I GOT MY VISA!! After waiting almost a year for my partner visa I can now finally relax with out the fear of getting deported haha.

The visa process was a very long and expensive road that consisted of  A LOT of paper work and months of waiting in order to stay in Australia, but now I feel like I’ve finally really settled in and am beginning to consider Australia home. That might all change in a few weeks when I go back to the USA to visit my family!! Yikes!

Patrick and I haven’t officially celebrated getting the visa, but we are thinking about planning a small something with friends. The only disappointment I have felt since getting my visa was how it arrived. It was a nice sunny Saturday  morning and I had just hopped into the car since we were going to go out for breakfast. While waiting for Patrick I opened my email account and saw the generic auto generated email from immigration that I had seen a thousand times before. I thought nothing of it when I decided to open it up, I figured they just wanted more information for processing my visa. I clicked the attachment and up popped my visa grant letter. I was too surprised at the fact that I received an email from a government agency at 8:30 am on Saturday morning on my way to breakfast that I didn’t quite get to enjoy the moment of actually getting granted the visa. When Patrick hopped into the car I was like I just got my visa… he gave me a quick kiss and said that’s great babe and off we went to get myself a bagel and him a donut like any other regular Saturday. I definitely thought I was going to get more excited. Oh well at least I can stay in the country.


Posts about my trip back home to the USA will be appearing about mid June, until then I’m not sure what else will be popping up depends on what is happening in AUS in the next few weeks!






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