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A Day Trip to the Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is only a little over an hours drive from the Melbourne CBD. The Yarra Valley, much like the Hunter Valley, is filled with wonderful landscape and good wine. I bought Patrick tickets for a wine tour to the Yarra Valley for his birthday on our last day in Melbourne. Now I didn’t share the stuff from this post with my original Melbourne post because I thought it would have been too long and nobody would have read it.

Therefore, I decided to do a whole new post on our day in the Yarra Valley! First of all I highly recommend for anyone who is visiting Melbourne to take a wine tour to the Yarra Valley, it was amazing and we had a wonderful time. So I booked our wine tour with Chillout Wine Tours and we were to get picked up at 9:30 in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. The day had already started off great with beautiful sunny weather and no rain, I was hoping this would continue throughout the day. Our tour guide David picked us up and we met the other people on our tour, 4 ladies on holiday from Cairns, 2 expat pommeys (British guys), 1 girl on holiday from London, and two local Aussie’s. The drive out to the Yarra Valley was beautiful, I got fell in love with the green rolling hills and just the entire landscape in general. I couldn’t get enough, and it reminded me a lot of place back home in the USA.

Our first stop was Domaine Chandon. Domaine Chandon is an outpost winery of Moët & Chandon (the first champagne house founded in 1743 in France’s Champagne wine region). Domaine Chandon specializes in using méthode traditionnelle when crafting  sparkling and still wines that are stamped with the distinct style that is Chandon. Our tour guide David took us to the front of the estate, which was a renovated traditional farm house. He proceeded to give us the history of Domaine Chandon and how it came to be in Australia. Our tour continued with more history on the process of crafting sparkling wine and how Chandon is able to create the amazing bubbles that you feel in your mouth when taking a sip of their awesome sparkling wine. We were offered a full glass of the sparkling wine of our choice and left to enjoy the view.

IMG_6056 (1)IMG_6073IMG_6074IMG_6071IMG_6057IMG_6062IMG_6060IMG_6079IMG_6058IMG_6063IMG_6075IMG_6072

Our next stop on the tour was Zonzo estate. Zonzo estate is small farm turned winery. The original farm buildings still stand, and the cellar door is located in the old barn. Zonzo estate also has a restaurant on the premises where we dined for lunch. IMG_6082IMG_6081IMG_6091 (1)IMG_6085IMG_6083IMG_6088IMG_6092 We ended the day with two more wineries before we headed back to Melbourne. We were both exhausted from a full on day of drinking and eating, not to mention subconsciously stressing about the time since we only had about 3 hours till our flight. We managed it though, we arrived back in Melbourne just in time to grab our bags from the hotel and walk to the bus station to get on the next bus to the airport just in time for our 8 pm flight.


Patrick had a great birthday and we both had a great time in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to visit the city.




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