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How I’ve Changed Since Living in Australia

I have been looking at my site for a little more than an hour now thinking of the best way of how to do a complete overhaul on the way it looks and the information I post. So while I was thinking about all the things I would like to post, I kept thinking of what my readers would like to see. Here is your chance to give suggestions on what type of topics you like, don’t like or suggestions for anything new that you would like to see. Overall I would like my site to give people an idea of how amazing it is to live in another country, as well as how my life is now different from living in America. I would like to give people another perspective on life that they might not have thought about before. Essentially, I would like to do this by giving you (my readers) glances into my life and how it is changing whilst living in another country.

So as most of you know already I am an American living in Australia. I have now lived in Australia for over a year, and here are some of the things I have noticed about myself that have changed since living in the USA.

  • I now sometimes start my day with a cup of tea.

This is a thing I inadvertently picked up by living with Patrick’s family. I grew up with a big cold pitcher of sweet tea in the fridge at home and not once did I ever drink hot tea. The idea of drinking hot tea was repulsive and I wondered why anyone would do it. What disgusted me even more than drinking hot black tea itself was that they added MILK to it!! Ughhhh.. I absolutely hate milk and I can only stand to have it in cereal and nothing else. So when Patrick’s mom started offering me cups of tea I would always politely turn them down, until one day when Patrick made me try it. I unwillingly tried the hot drink and to my displeasure somehow ended up liking it. Like most Australians, I now partake in the daily routine of putting the kettle on.

  • I can’t remember which is the correct pronunciation of words.

As everyone knows Australians have accents and along with accents different ways of pronouncing words and even talking. For me I found that people in Australia often can’t understand what I am saying or they make fun of how I pronounce some words. So to rectify this situation I had to start pronouncing words the way they would so that they could a) understand me and b) so I wouldn’t get made fun of. However, now I somehow subconsciously pronounce some words with an Australian accent and others without. This doesn’t translate well when I talk to my family over Facetime, because they then don’t understand what I am saying. I try to keep the two separate, but I find myself not remembering which way is the American way and which is the Australian way.

  • I now use the Australian spellings

Not sure if many of you know or not, but both England and Australia spell words differently than us in the USA. Here are a few words Australians spell differently:

American spelling- color, favorite, harbor, center, and theater
Australian spelling – colour, favourite, harbour, centre, and theatre

Ever since I have been working in an office setting where I constantly have to type and spell, I now without thinking spell words the Aussie way.

  • Aussie Slang

Australians are really into shortening any word you can possibly think of and turn it into a slang word. When I first came to Australia it was a bit hard to keep up with conversation because so many slang terms are used its almost like speaking a different language. Just the other day I was chatting with some friends I threw out the slang term before either of them, which they then proceeded to turn and look at me and say “You have turned into an Aussie after all” So here are a few slang/shortened words that you will probably here every Aussie say:

Any name that has R or RR goes to Z – Garry, Barry, Aaron
Gazza, Bazza, Azza

First Names or Last names will now end in a O or Y – Johnny, Jack, Lachlan, Mills,Pritchard
Johnno, Jacko, Lachy, Millsy, Pritchy

Every city or suburb has a nickname – Newcastle, Brisbane, Wollongong, Singleton,                                                                                          Waratah, Hamilton

Newy, Brissy, the gong, Singo, Wara, Hamo

Everyday items or terms  – sausage, avocado, breakfast, afternoon, sweater/sweatshirt
snag, avo, brekky, arvo, jumper

These are just a small amount of the words of what is actually said, but basically if someone asked said

” Hey Gazza, want to head down to Johnno’s this arvo to watch the footy and have a snag on the barbie?”

“Hey Gary, want to head down to Johnny’s this afternoon to watch the rugby league and have a sausage on the barbecue?”

My sentence wasn’t as nearly as complicated as what it is in everyday life, but to just give you the gist of it.


Life in Australia has changed me a bit and I may have picked up a slight accent along the way, but we will see how I go when I travel back to America, and whether or not other people notice the changes!




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