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Drinking Wine in the Hunter Valley


This weekend I went to the Hunter Valley with Patrick, Brad and Kim for some wine tasting and Patrick’s early birthday lunch, since all of us will be away the weekend of his birthday.

We first went to sample the wins at Peter Drayton Vineyard. We were seated on the back veranda, and the environment was amazingly peaceful. I hadn’t noticed that I missed the sounds of the country till I was sitting listening to all the birds chirping away.


Ready for some wine!IMG_5884IMG_5885

After Peter Drayton we proceeded across the road to the next vineyard called Pig’s Peake. I didn’t get any photos at this vineyard, but I will say that they managed me to get me to like a red wine!

Our last vineyard of the day was Tulloch where we proceeded to buy lots and lots of wine!


Brad and Kim took us to Bistro Molines for Patrick’s birthday lunch. Bistro Molines is off the beaten path a bit, you go over a mountain and into valley where the road turns to dirt as you ride up to the top of the hill to the restaurant. The bistro was breathtaking, it reminded me of something you would see in a movie or read out of a book. It was the most delicious food and amazing experience I’ve had while dining.


I was sad to leave after eating such amazing food, it was something I will remember for a long time to come. Thoroughly exhausted from drinking wine and dining on the most amazing food we headed back to to Newcastle, where Patrick and I proceeded to take a massive 3 hour nap! Ooops!




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