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Weekend in Brisbane

Brizzie, BrisVegas, Brisbane – Australian slang for basically I’m going to Brisbane

It has been nine days since my last post and a few of you may be wondering what I have been up too over the past week. So I’m going to give you a run down on what was my life starting from last Sunday.

Sunday March 13th

Woke up at 5:30am to go to work. Came home and had to help Patrick pack his bag because he was going to our work’s conference, the TROG (Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group) Annual Scientific Meeting in Brisbane, Australia for the WHOLE week! Which meant I had the house to myself till Thursday. Since Patrick and I work at the same place we have known for months that the ASM would be in Brisbane and jumped on the opportunity for a weekend get away in Brisbane after the conference (We have previously been to Brisbane and have seen some of the other notable sights the first time around).

Monday March 14th

I arrived at work promptly at 7am, and remained the only person in the office till 1:30pm…

I minded my time by listening to all of Jimmy Fallon’s #Hashtag videos on youtube, whilst trying to re-organize and refile over 1600 files on the shelves in our office, I occasionally perused social media, read some of the latest BuzzFeed, and by lunch time was so bored that I ended up doing crossword puzzles for the remainder of the day.

Went to dinner at Brad and Kim’s house, had an awesome steak

To end the night I watched cat fights between contestants on MKR about who can cook the best and what is and what is not a “competition dish”

Tuesday March 15th

Arrive to work 7am.

7:30am Two of my other co-workers arrive YAY!! I’m not alone!

Get COFFEE!!! (morning ritual I usually do with my friend Katie, but since she is at the conference decided to test the waters and ask Narelle.. she said yes!) Also for all my American friends out there Australians LOVE LOVE LOVE their coffee. There is literally a coffee shop or cafe on every corner.

Try to file… fail at filing

Read the most recently downloaded book on my Ipad (Obviously some type of obscene trashy novel). Finish Book.

Go Home.

Started making honey soy marinated chicken with grilled squash, which I proudly cooked on Patrick’s Weber grill! YES! ( and I now consider myself a grilling pro)


Wednesday March 16th


all seems normal get ready for work, make lunch, blah blah

open garage door, start car…… try again to start car…. car wont start…..

Look outside and it is raining… decide I guess I could walk to work

Try to call Patrick to ask him what I should do.. No answer

Call again No answer…

Call Hotel find out Patrick’s room number get transferred to his hotel room phone..

NO ANSWER!!! (not a happy camper at this point)

Call Patrick’s cell phone again… Pick’s up on first ring.. I ask in a sweet innocent voice “Why did you not answer the hotel room phone?” He replies “I didn’t know who it was so I didn’t answer…” (I am face palming at this point and banging my head on the steering wheel) I then said “It was me!! I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for thirty minutes”

In the end I called our friend Jim who is an absolute LEGEND to come and jump my car at 7am. Get to work only 30 min late.

Thursday March 17th St. Paddy’s Day!!

Go to work for half a day

Head home to pick up bag and drive off to the airport!!



Finally getting to the good part of this post, upon arrival to Brisbane airport I have to get off the plane and then pay $17.50 to board the train the take me to Central Station in the Brisbane CBD. From Central it is only a quick walk right to the hotel that we are staying, and it worked out that I didn’t even need to use my phone for directions because when I exited the train station I just looked up and there it was a very tall building with the words NOVOTEL plastered vertically in 10ft letters…easy peasy.

After a lovely reunion with Patrick after not seeing him for 4 days, we decided to go take a walk through the city before dinner. We ended up going to a little pub on a cool second story balcony that overlooked the one of the main streets and ordered a cocktail and a beer.

We planned to go to Jamie Oliver’s famous Jamie’s Italian restaurant. For those of you who do not know Jamie Oliver is a British chef with several cookbooks, TV shows and it famous for the so called “15-minute meal”. The food was sooo good, we ordered wine, had breads and oil for our entree, I ordered the rigatoni as my main and Patrick the Morton Bay Bug pasta special for his. It was unreal I loved every second of the pasta-y goodness. Both of our meals were delicious and I probably could have eaten every other meal there for the rest of the trip. We waddled back up the hill to our hotel where we then decided to lay in bed and watch tv for the rest of the night and accidentally fell asleep by 7:30pm. (we are super lame I know)


Dinner at Jamie’s Italian

Friday morning!!

We had breakfast at the hotel and then headed out to walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens. The Botanical Gardens were absolutely beautiful, I would highly recommend anyone who is going to Brisbane to walk or ride a bike through them if you visit. At some points you thought you were in the rain forest others it reminded me of foliage from back home. All around a lovely walk through the gardens was the perfect way to start the day. However, I will say that it got rather hot out and I told Patrick I wanted to go swim in the South Bank Lagoon Pool. So we headed back to the hotel to get our swimsuits and we were off!! (I have been waiting to swim in this pool for ages)


South Bank


Had to include this photo just thought it was too funny

The pool/beach/whatever you want to call it was awesome the water felt amazing and cooled us right off! The lagoon pool is split into 3 sections. The first is the pool, the second is the man-made beach, and the third is like a kids paradise with water squirting everywhere and mechanisms set up to soak you. Basically its a mini water park that you can go to for free, but the best part about it is the view. The lagoon pool/beach is directly next to the Brisbane river and faces the city of Brisbane. So you feel like you are at the beach but you are really looking at and are in the middle of the city and it is the coolest thing ever.



Patrick already in the pool without me



Pat was not enthused about this photo haha


So naturally, like any girl you want to look cute when you are out and about and I had previously decided to wear a tank top with jean shorts… (not sure if any of you can see where this is going yet?) Well after we finished swimming we only had one towel to dry off with and then put our clothes back on. We decided to head back to the CBD to get lunch and catch an afternoon movie. Everything would have been great if I hadn’t chosen to wear jean shorts. I started to get the worst chafe of my life… and let me tell you I don’t think it fully healed till I got back to Newcastle.

That evening after dinner we decided to stop by the Treasury Casino & Hotel to see what all the fuss was about. Well apparently there wasn’t any fuss because it was the smallest casino I had ever been too (such a disappointment). However, I will say that we put $20 on the pokies (slots) and I won $60, I made Patrick withdraw our winnings immediately and we left the building (I’m not a very good gambler as you can tell).

Saturday, our last day in Brisbane started off with a ferry ride on the Brisbane river. The ferry was so much fun and Patrick and I got to see another part of Brisbane that we wouldn’t have been able to see on foot. We got off the ferry at South Bank and decided we were going to walk to these markets I saw advertised at the hotel. About 10 minutes into our walk I am seriously starting to regret my choice of handbag and the idea of even going to these markets. It is HOT AF. I am sweating like you would not believe even to the point where my shirt is STICKING to my back and I am just imaging that it has that dark colored wet sweat spot on it (so embarrassing). We finally make it to the markets and well its basically closed. At this point I’m like lets go back to the hotel ! I’m over it and I am hot and sweaty. On our way back we detour into the Queensland Museum for some quick AC! It was the most amazing thing I had every felt on my body. Unreal I love modern technology.


Views from the ferry!


Since we were at the already at the museum I coerced Patrick into going into the Queensland Art Gallery and the GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art). Now the difference here between myself and Patrick is that I LOVE ART! Patrick on the other had thinks that canvases with a solid background and three lines running down the middle of them is not “art” and sculptures of bent metal or wood is just “ridiculous”. We managed to do the quickest look through of two art galleries I think anyone could manage, and I loved every second of it.

After the art galleries we headed back to Queen Street Mall,which is the main shopping street in the whole city. While I was not that into shopping on this trip I did enjoy walking down the street. I ended up going to a bookshop to get a book for the airport and plane ride home. I chose Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, it was a great book I loved it and recommend it to anyone who likes a good story (it may or may not be a tear jerker). Since Patrick and I had exhausted our options in Brisbane we decided to head to the airport 5 hours early… we ended up waiting 3 hours in front of the gate and then 2 hours at the gate before boarding and heading home. We arrived late in Newcastle so glad to be back, but glad we had stayed over in Brisbane we had an amazing time!




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