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FGL and Jason Aldean in Sydney!! 

Hey Y’all

I guess that is the only way to open up this post since I went to Sydney to see Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean!!

I know many people don’t like country music so if your reading this and your one of those people stuff ya and get off my site because that is what this is going to be about.

So Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean have come to Australia for the very first time ever! And since I grew up in a small country town in America I had to jump at the chance to see them. Patrick, his brother Chris, and I received tickets for Christmas and have just been waiting till March 9th to arrive to drive to Sydney to see them.

Flash forward to March 9th. Patrick and I left work early to pick up Chris and get on the road to Sydney early so that we could check into the hotel, get to the venue, grab a quick dinner, and hopefully get inside early to get a seat for the show (seats are first come first serve basis).


Almost to Sydney!!


Sydney Harbour Bridge!



Going through the Bridge


View of Sydney from the Harbour Bridge

Patrick, Chris and I end up eating at an Irish pub directly across from the Hordon Pavillion and this is where the fun begins. People watching. If your in America or Australia the stuff people show up in at a country music concert will definitely give you a laugh. I’m not quite sure where people come up with some of the “country” outfits but it’s the last thing you expect to see in Sydney 😂.  Cowboy boots, plaid shirts, massive belt buckles and cowboy hats were only the beginning ( we stuck to wearing our usual and normal everyday attire).

So like I was saying before we arrived to the venue early to get dinner and then hopefully get a seat… Well people were a leafy lined up at the gate to get in 2 hours before they were even supposed to open. These people were crazy it was about 90 degrees out and they were standing out in the boiling hot sun. No thanks. We decided to get a few beers while we waited. Finally the gates open and the line was even longer than before and you would think it was life or death to get into that gate. People were crammed everywhere. We ended up finishing off our beers then walking over to the gates, however when we got in we realized that the doors weren’t open yet and that we just entered the longest line ever… But wanting to practice Darwin’s survival of the fittest I walked to the front of the line to use the “ATM” near the door (coincidence I know 😂) and the doors just happened to open up so I made a beeline for the seats and managed to snag 3 front row seats with a great view ( we got seats because it’s either sitting for 3 hours or standing for 3 hours and my feet would have been killing me).

It ended up being a packed house, Florida Georgia Line came out and killed it!! Would totally see them again in concert! Jason Aldean came out and sang some bangers that left us voiceless for the rest of the night.

 All in all a great night and we ended up walking home instead of taking a cab and nearly losing Chris because he may have been slightly inebriated and in search of a kebab.



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