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Living in Paradise: My Life in Newcastle

After several previous failed blog attempts including tumblr and wordpress over the past 4 years, I thought I would try one last time to enter the world of blogging. I wanted to see if I had what it takes to succeed as a blogger and to battle it out on the internet and become one of the rare few who somehow manage to magically capture someone’s attention by reading the ramblings of a 23 year old and whatever other crazy shit that comes out of my head and lands itself onto this site.

So all nervousness of another failed blog attempt aside (insert fake smile of confidence). I have every blogger’s (or at least i think every bloggers? Don’t trust me I’m new to this) biggest fear. The DREADED FIRST POST ! Okay ! so here it is, hope its not a complete piece of absolute crap or if it is you may never hear from me again, but you may as well just know I will probs be discovered by my boyfriend Patrick, lying on the floor curled in the fetal position crying and hugging my ipad whilst looking for a sappy romance novel to ease my blogging pain.

Anyways… Here is where I am at in life and I hope to keep you updated on my weird new life in Australia.

Last year in late January 2015, I moved from the United States to Australia to join my “partner” as they call it here, but for lack of a better word my boyfriend, Patrick. I have now since lived here a full year, acquired a job, several new friends, and we have applied for our partner visa (so basically I don’t get deported), which is now the most boring and grueling wait of my life and also the bane of my existence.

Flash forward to today, we are in the beginning of March 2016 and my schedule, bank account, and life have now become hectic as fuck. Patrick’s soccer season has started again meaning every weekend from now till September is booked solid. Meaning I will be spending every Saturday or Sunday afternoon for the next 6 months sitting at the soccer field drinking smuggled in champagne and wine with all the other WAGS (wives and girlfriends) just to get me through the match (it’s not actually that bad the booze is just a little plus). I also just wired all my life savings back to America to pay off those ever persistent student loans (so basically I’m broke… until I get paid next month). To top it all off, Patrick and I just moved out of his parent’s house after a year of “saving” to get our life in order…and all those other bullcrap excuses boys use in order to stay at home with mom and dad or so I thought (but for real though I somehow ended up with a smart one, and he is currently laughing, saying I told you so because our bank account is still halfway decent).

For me signing this lease and moving out of his parent’s house was my Grammy winning moment. The angels came down from heaven and were singing Hallelujah as my ball point pen made contact with that paper and I signed. The next 48hrs were so hectic I’m not sure who was more excited we were moving out his parents or us… One day it took us, to move all of our possessions and put them in our new home. Fridge, washing machine, bed, clothes etc etc were packed up and dropped off at the new house and Patrick’s parents  were out the door before I could even say thanks or turn on the air con.


Our New Pad


Key to Happiness

After our whirlwind move in on a very very hot Australian Saturday we crashed and since I had to wake up very early (5:30am) to go work my second job. After I finished work I was whisked away by Patrick, his mum and his nan to every furniture store in the Newcastle Area that even remotely sold some type of lounge or dining table. I will tell you right now this is the most EXHAUSTING shopping you will ever do in your entire adult life. Six stores later and we walked out empty handed back to our new place furniture less.


Lounge Shopping!


IMG_5694So we did what any self respecting adults would do, we retreated back to Brad and Kim house (Pat’s mum and dad) and borrowed their camping chairs and set up shop in our living room complete with a Kmart side table as our new cozy dining table for two. Patrick and I being exhausted from shopping and dropping a shit ton of money on rent/bond and our first grocery shop we decided to celebrate with a bottle of  wine, cheese and bickies (crackers for all the Americans out there)(basically we were too tired to cook) whilst settling in to watch  MKR (My Kitchen Rules) on TV.


He is not happy I took this photo haha

So now after living in our new place for a week  without internet (which I’m currently dying without and using all the data on my phone) and without furniture. I can now proudly say we have purchased a lounge and dining table, but still unfortunately no internet……

Until next week,




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